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We provide tight tolerance cylindrical ID / OD grinding with high quality finishes at a competitive cost that meet or exceed or customer’s requirements.

  • Maximum OD Grinding capacity is 12" diameter with 66" centers distance

  • Minimum ID capacity is .500" diameter

  • Maximum ID capacity is 6" diameter

  • Total tolerance that can be held is .0001"

  • Concentricity can be held to .0001"

  • Single piece lots to full production runs

  • Special finishes offered including spirals, stepped diameters, flats, crowning, rough finishes, smooth finishes and polished finishes

  • Capable of grinding all grades of carbon steels, stainless steels, titanium, rubber, polyurethane and other varieties of plastic.

Hardened Punch & Die Set
Stainless Steel Chromed Shaft
Machine Shaft
Ground Machine Component
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