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A polyurethane molded component will offer characteristics that can be used in many different industries and applications as an excellent substitute for metal, rubber, or other types of plastics.


  • Excellent abrasion resistance with noise and vibration reduction

  • High cut, tear, and impact strengths

  • Resistance to oils and many types of solvents

  • Hardness range of 40A to 65D

  • A variety of color choices including custom color matching

  • Ability to bonds to other materials such as steel, bronze, aluminum, and many others

COMPLETE IN HOUSE MOLDING PROCESS: Our manufacturing services allows us to complete the entire molding process in-house, saving you time and money with your finished component.

  • Component manufacturing

  • Design and manufacturing of the molding and finishing tooling

  • Molding of the component to your exact requirements

  • Finish machining or grinding of the component, including many special finishes such as spirals, stepped diameters, flats, crowning, rough finishes, and smooth finishes

ROLLER RECOVERING AND OEM REPLACEMENTS: We can also recover any existing component by removing the worn material and replacing it with new polyurethane to your specifications. Drawings are not always required; we can always work with you to reverse engineer an existing component from a sample.

Recovered Machine Rollers
Polyurethane Roller
Polyurethane Belt Lug
Polyurethane Tires
Grooved Polyurethane Roller
Polyurethane Machine Roller
Polyurethane Bumper Pads
Recovered Polyurethane Rolls
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